About Me

scan0010Thanks for visiting Amy’s Inklings!

I LOVE paper.  I really, really LOVE paper.  I love the feel of it in my hands.  And I love the endless colors, textures and patterns.  I used to be in Print Production many moons ago.  It was fascinating and I loved my job.  Then I married, became a mom, and was fortunate to be able to stay at home with our twin boys.

When our children were very young, I remember thinking, “How can I parlay my love for paper and rubber stamping into a way to earn a little extra money?”  Just a few days later someone told me about a Stampin’ Up! party that she was going to attend.  “What’s a Stampin’ Up! party?” I asked.  And when she answered, I knew in that very moment that I was going to become a consultant.

I had a successful business for several years that I LOVED.  Stamping was my joy – and at times my therapy!  Whenever I got stressed at the end of the day, my husband would say, “Honey, I have the boys.  Why don’t you go to your craft room and stamp.”  And after stamping something new I was a new person!

family02Now our children are in high school and will be leaving in the near future for college.
I realized that I needed to nurture a passion outside of our beautiful family.  And I also found myself yearning for more time with my girlfriends.  It was then that my hubby suggested Stampin’ Up! again.  And my new dream unfolded.

I now hold monthly Girls Night Out/Craft Nights in our home in Woodstock, GA and I also have two stamp clubs that meet monthly.  I also use my Stampin’ Up! business for fundraising purposes.

My passion for stamping is more than it used to be.  I think, breathe and dream rubber stamping.  And through my Stampin’ Up! events I’m enjoying the fellowship of other women  It’s a win win!

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