Video – Coaster Easel Calendar for the New Year!!!

IMG_7793Happy New Year!!!!! As the fireworks were pop, pop, popping around our neighborhood ringing in the new year last night, I felt it was fitting to celebrate the new year with a 2016 calendar.

Note: When you place an order with me this month, I’ll send you the pdf file for the calendar and the template so that you can make some of your own!

After the video tutorial, scoot down below for a personal note. 🙂

Our son just marched in London’s New Years Day Parade this morning. He’s in the front of the line of bass drummers that you see in the upper right hand corner. This was an event 2-1/2 years in the making for the Marching Knights. We couldn’t be more proud of these fine young men and woman. I am one elated Band Mom this New Years Day morning!!!! Feeling very blessed. Happy New Year!!!!!



8 thoughts on “Video – Coaster Easel Calendar for the New Year!!!

  1. Hi Amy.. I was reading your blog and saw the part about your sons band in daughter and I were just talking today about her high school band going to London and then I saw your picture..she is a teacher at River Ridge..Mrs Jenn Himstedt. What a quinkie dink!


      • Yes I am. She teaches freshman and junior English. What are their names? We are actually here visiting over the Christmas break. My youngest is a senior in Texas and had her Senior pictures done with a photographer here.


  2. From one band mom to another- Happy New Year! Marching in London is very impressive, I can only imagine all the car washes and bake sales that got them there! My daughter is also a drummer and was drum major her senior year in high school. I miss those days😃


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