Video – Jumbo Tea Light Boxes!

Check out these ADORABLE box-enclosed, jumbo, tea light candles.


6I first saw the idea by Sam Donald of Pootles. When something is as charming as these, one has to CASE it, right? And I always feel compelled to give full credit to the person who came up with the original idea. I love, love, love these!!! Thanks Sam for the inspiration and for sharing your adorable project. It was fun coming up with my own combinations of stamp sets, cardstock, washi tape and ribbon and I’m so excited to share them with everyone today.


7The challenge with this project is finding the jumbo tea lights. I looked in numerous retail locations in Woodstock and surrounding areas. In the end I trekked it down to our IKEA store and bought several packages. I’m sure you can buy them from IKEA online as well.
Edit: The product #s for the colors I used are 102.363.47 (red, berry scented), 802.363.44 (blue, coconut mint scented) and 702.363.49 (off white, vanilla scented). Look for the tea lights that have 12 to a pack.

The washi tape is what pulls it all together as such a sweet gift. We have several packages in our current Annual and Holiday catalogs and … we also have some on our Clearance Rack for only $1.99!

I would love to help you order the supplies to make these adorable gifts. Simply use the Shop Now button on the far right at the top. For assistance or to learn more about this project or Stampin’ Up!, I can be reached at I always love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “Video – Jumbo Tea Light Boxes!

  1. Great video! Thanks for ask the tips like where to get the candles, Washi tape on clearance rack and versatility of the Envelope Punch Board!


    • I’ve replied via email but will do so here as well:
      The “name” on the packaging is “12 x SINNLIG” Product #s are as follows:
      Red, berry scented: 102.363.47
      Blue, coconut/minted scented: 802.363.44
      Vanilla scented: 702.363.49
      There were other pretty colors/scents too. One was orange which I loved but I wanted to keep close to Christmas/winter colors. I also remember seeing a pretty lime green as well as a dark purple.
      If you have luck finding them online, please reply with that information and I will add it to my post.
      Thanks Pamela!


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