Gift Bag Punch Board Video Tutorial

hellobagI love Stampin’ Up!’s new Gift Bag Punch Board! Can I say it again? I LOVE Stampin’ Up!’s new Gift Bag Punch Board. Love!

This punch board is easy to use – and versatile! This baby makes more than just the gift bag featured here.
Today, however, I’m focusing on how to make the standard gift bag. The hinged boxes and envelopes that can be made with this punch board will be saved for another post.

Things to do when getting started:
11949850591826190318magnificator.svg.med1) Grab a SUPER DUPER magnifying glass if you intend the read the instructions enclosed. Or, ditch the printed instructions and simply watch the tutorial to follow. 🙂

2) Decide whether or not you want to make a small, medium or large size bag. The sizes will determine the width  of the bag.The length can be up to 10-3/4″ depending on how you cut your paper (allow 1-1/4″ for bottom flaps). The depth will be 2″ and is not adjustable.
Small: 2-5/8″ width
Medium: 3-1/8″ width
Large: 3-5/8″ width

3) Have scrap paper for practicing. I used copy paper out of the recycle bin. Although this is an easy tool to use, it does take practice and you will want to save your good cardstock and DSP for when you’re ready.

EDIT: Please forgive the numerous bloopers!  My lesson learned? I will never, ever, EVER film another tutorial late at night!

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