FREE Stamp Sets When You Join in June!!!


Did you know that most people become Stampin’ Up! Consultants for the discount on products alone? It’s true!

New Consultants get to choose which products they want in their Starter Kit. And here are some amazing deals –
1) You get to choose $125 worth of products for only $99 when you join Stampin’ Up!,
2) You get FREE shipping on your Starter Kit, and
3) You get a 30% discount on your first order and 20% or more on all following orders.

And now … for the month of June …you get to choose ANY two additional stamp sets for FREE! Woo hoo!!!!

Here’s my Stampin’ Up! story

demobookI’ve personally found Stampin’ Up! to be a wonderful place to not only engage in my creativity but to challenge it as well.

Just committing myself to a blog has pushed me out of my comfort zone to produce unique items on a daily basis. From instant sparks of inspiration to banging my head on my art table to get the creative juices flowing, I’ve grown more confident in my artistic talents.

And I can’t put a price tag on the wonderful feedback I get from the web community as I continue on this amazing creative journey.

PLUS, THE COMPENSATION AIN’T TOO SHABBY! It’s crazy to be making money from something I would be doing anyway. The Stampin’ Up financial rewards are too numerous for me to go into here, so click the image above, or click here to learn more.

So, please, contact me today with any questions or to get started and take advantage of this limited time offer. I look forward to hearing from you!


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