I’m sure we looked suspicious, and maybe the cops were called …

… but I promise it was all clean fun.  Well, actually that’s not true.  My hands were stained in the end. They looked like Gorgeous Grunge!

Imagine this … suspicious it’s evening and two cars pull up in the parking lot of Bojangles.  Two female suspects step out, open the hatch of one of the cars, and start rummaging through something. But you can’t tell what.  Then one of the females holds a piece of paper up to her face while the other female appears to put something onto the paper. Hmmm. What could it be?  It’s too dark to tell. Then suddenly one of them holds a straw up to the paper and appears to be … OMG!  You’re not quite sure. But it doesn’t look right!  It looks “funny.”  The two suspects suddenly become giddy and animated with excitement.  One offers the other a check in exchange for a white bag. Then they hug one another, get into their cars and drive away.  WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WAS IT LEGAL????

So here’s the truth and nothing but the truth … I held my Stamp Club meeting this past Saturday. One of the projects we made was the card featured in this blog postblow

It was a great evening, but my dear friend and club member, Merrily, wasn’t able to attend. She asked if I would make the projects for her and give them to her later.


So this evening we made arrangements to meet at Bojangles so that I could deliver the samples and an order to her and so that she could give me her new order and check.  I brought her the deconstructed pieces of both projects with instructions on how she could complete them at home.  But I wanted her to blow the ink for this project herself.  So there we were in the parking lot of Bojangles.  I was dropping SU! re-inker onto the cardstock she held and she was using a straw to blow the ink in different directions.  It’s such a fun technique with surprising results so Merrily and I both became giddy with excitement.

Right before we drove off she said, “Amy, I bet you never imagined you would be demonstrating SU! products out of the trunk of your car!”  She was right!  But hey … why not???





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