Clear vs. Wood-Mounted Stamp Sets?

Wood-Block-vs-Clear copyI was over the moon when Stampin’ Up! introduced their clear-mounted stamp sets.  I LOVE them and use them 95% of the time.  But wood-mounted sets have an advantage too.

1) The clear-mounted sets offer you more precision as to where the image is stamped since you can see through the blocks.
2) After the initial purchase of clear blocks, these stamp sets save you $4.00 – $10.00 per set.
3) Clear-mounted stamp sets take up less storage space – leaving you room to purchase more 🙂
4) With clear-mounted stamps, you can apply parts of several stamp sets to one block, such as the image from one stamp set and a greeting from another.
1) If you’re stamping a project that uses a lot of stamps – for instance if you’re using letter stamps to create a header – it can be tedious to repeatedly remove stamps from the blocks just to replace it with another.
2) On occasion, just as you’re adding the finishing touches to a project, the stamp can fall off the block rendering an ink spot 2-Way-Glue-Pen copywhere there should be white space.  This is when your design goes in another direction and you end up layering cardstock to cover your mistake.  Easy peasy!  But here’s a trick to help you keep your stamp from falling off the clear block.  Simply swipe the image on the rubber stamp with your 2-Way Glue Pen and let it dry completely.  Once dry, the adhesive helps the stamp stick to the block better but easily releases the block when you’re done.

1) Since these stamps have their own permanent block, it makes stamping with multiple images quicker.
2) Sharing stamps during a Make n Take is easier when each image has its own wooden block.
1) Your placement is not as precise since you can’t see through the wooden block.
2) These sets are more expensive.
3) They also take up more storage space.
4) The wood-mounted sets are heavier on your shelves and in your carry bag.




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